Lisa Rowley

Role: Solicitor

A specialist in criminal litigation, Lisa has been working within the legal profession for over 10 years. Commencing her legal career as a Police Station Representative and Mental Health Lawyer where she advocated in Tribunals for clients detained under various sections of the Mental Health Act.

Lisa qualified as a Solicitor in 2012 and then completed her Duty Solicitor qualification shortly after.

Lisa has considerable experience with all criminal defence cases, ranging from simple shop thefts through to serious offences such as Murder, Rape and Robbery.

Lisa has a particular expertise in the Dangerous Dogs legislation having recently completed an article for a nationally recognised security magazine covering the liability under this Act for Security Dog Handlers. If you are facing investigation or a prosecution by the RSPCA or Crown Prosecution Service for dogs dangerously out of control resulting in fear or injury, being in possession of a illegal dog due to its breed or bred for the purpose of fighting, or if your dog has worried livestock on agricultural land, whether your dog is facing destruction or, you are facing disqualification from owning a dog then please do get in touch.

Lisa has a friendly and professional approach and always ensures that her clients are the forefront of her attention when in and out of court.