Sam Barber

Role: Trainee Solicitor

Sam joined the firm in early 2019 as a paralegal. Before joining Allen Hoole, Sam was worked as a Paralegal within a Family Law firm in Bristol. Sam obtained a Law with Criminology Degree in 2014 and earned a commendation for the Legal Practice Course in 2019. He has ambitions to become a solicitor specialising within Criminal Law and is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Advanced Legal Practice. Sam is also on his way to becoming an accredited police station representative.

Sam works within our Crown Court team dealing with some of the more serious cases but also finds himself assisting with Magistrates cases from time to time. He therefore has a deep understanding of both Courts systems. He is empathetic towards clients who may be very vulnerable due to the court proceedings they face and he has a keen eye for detail and legal argument when preparing a case for trial.